Today I woke up in some pain. My neck hurts pretty bad and so does my scalp. Not to mention my knees aren’t getting any better, possibly worse. On a good note, I got some followers already! Yay, quicker than I thought. Motivation to keep this going! One big thing I want to talk about is yoga! Yes, I LOVE yoga! I did yoga for the first time maybe 10 years ago. Not until 3 or so years ago did I start practicing consistently. It is something that helps me through every day. I would recommend it to anyone! One thing about yoga that was tough in the beginning, which I think everyone who doesn’t do yoga thinks, is there is a certain way it needs to be practiced. Certain poses, intensities, specific sequences, FLEXIBILITY. For the most part all of this is wrong! There are no “right ways” to practice yoga. Yes, you want to have the form correct, to reduce the chance of injury. Other than that there are no rules! You do not have to be able to have this much strength or be that flexible. Every time you do yoga, you are working to be just a little bit better than before. Okay, now why it is so important to me. The first time I did yoga I fell in love. I remember at the end of the class, the instructor had us end laying flat on outlet back, eyes closed, and she told us to relax every muscle and let our body melt into the mat. I think that was the first time I was able to get my whole body to just relax. Relaxing my muscles is very difficult for me, so this was amazing! A few years ago my job/commute was rough on my body. The job was not extremely physical, but with all of the things going on with my body, it took a toll. I started doing 15-20 minutes of yoga every morning before work. It is how I wake by body up and get things moving. I’m in a lot of pain while I sleep, I don’t get restful sleep and I wake up very sore and stiff. Yoga just makes it better, physically and mentally. The downside.. have Ehlers-Danlos, I am advised to not do much yoga as becoming more flexible is not good. But I can’t give it up! I’m already in physical pain and mentally drained most days. For me to stop yoga, though it would probably stabilize some joints, would cause me too much sadness. So I’ve just changed my practice up. Instead of trying to get the deeper poses, I am more focused on holding the poses. This in turn will help build the strength n the targeted muscles. I am also more focused on my breathing to help calm myself. Like I said earlier I can not relax. I have to consciously tell a specific muscle to relax and once I’m not thinking about it, the muscle tenses right back up.Yoga is a passion of mine. To give up something I love for the small change of maybe only feeling a little better isn’t worth it to me! I hope this might help someone else who may be dealing with something similar.Thanks for reading! :)-Kell André

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Hi, I'm Kellie, but I like my middle name too Andre', so call me Kell Andre'. My alter-ego is Blossom, hopefully I'll be traveling a lot in the near future, and leaving the pain behind me!

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