24 Hour Water Fast

Hello friends!

Last night I was laying in bed and came across and before and after of a girl who did a three day water fast.  Her results were pretty darn good, so it got me thinking maybe I wanted to do one.  I started my research, reading up on all the pros and cons of fasting. There seemed to be mostly pros, I decided today I would try!  This morning I tried to figure out how long I was going to fast for.  The last meal I had yesterday was at 6pm and I was using that as my starting point. I was going to do at least 24 hours, but part of me wanted to do the three day.  Fasting as lots of benefits, some of them being flushing out your digestive system, giving your body time to heal, burning fat, clearing your body of toxins.  All of these things sounded great to me!  Downside is each of these things happen at different points throughout the fasting, depending on how long you fast will give you different benefits.  Some things that really stood out to me were “jump starting your body” and I read that when your body turns to stored energy it uses damaged and diseased cells first, doing this your body is riding itself of the bad stuff.  I thought this was so cool and makes so much sense!


My first goal was to make it to 24 hours, 6pm tonight.  As I was reading I was really wanting to make it three days.  8:30 am, I’m starving!!! Just over 12 hours in and all I could think about was food! So I just drink more water! You have to drink water, your body can go a few weeks with no food, but you need water!  Once lunch time rolled around I was feeling okay, thinking okay I can at least do a 36 hour fast.  Doing a 24 hour fast has benefits, so going to 36 could help that much more!  I was pretty set on 36.  I also read the first day or two are the hardest, once you get past that it gets easier.  The hunger subsides as your body has changed gears and is using stored energy from you body.  Knowing this I figured just get to the 36 hour and it’ll be easy after that! Then 4pm rolled around, the headache started and the tiredness kicked in.  This is all completely normal in the beginning of fasting and I knew that.  But I cracked! I decided I would only do the 24 hour and eat at 6pm.  I contemplated all day, but the hunger got the best of me. I am proud for completing the 24 hour but do wish I would have made it longer.  It is recommended to fast on easy going days and to not overexert yourself.  I of course started on a Monday, a work day.  I will definitely try this again! Either a two day or three day, and I plan to do it on the weekend so I can just relax the whole time.  Today I am not sure if I notice anything yet, but maybe tomorrow.  Maybe my stomach with be a bit flatter, who knows!  It did feel nice to know I had the will power to not eat anything for 24 hours! Oh and I meditated on it this morning during yoga, maybe that helped too!!

I will update if I notice anything tomorrow! And post again next time I decide to fast!

Thanks for reading!

-Kell Andre’



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Hi, I'm Kellie, but I like my middle name too Andre', so call me Kell Andre'. My alter-ego is Blossom, hopefully I'll be traveling a lot in the near future, and leaving the pain behind me!

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