Physical, Mental, and Emotional… It has been a good week!!

Hello My Friends!

Yes, it has been a good week!  I can honestly say I have felt very well this week, and that is very exciting for me.  I believe it has to do with changing medications and this blog! Whoop whoop!

For about a year I was taking Cymbalta for multiple reasons, starting with migraines and fibromyalgia and then to assist with depression and anxiety.  I started at a low dose last June and it seemed to help for the first few weeks, then seemed to wear off a little.  I spoke with my doctor, neurologist, and he upped the dose.  Over time I got up to I think  mg.  In November I starting seeing a psychiatrist and after evaluating me, he decided the Cymbalta was a good start and to add to that some other medications.  Okay, downside I had a few side effects which I believe came from the Cymbalta.  I was very constipated (TMI sorry) along with having a lot of twitching– ANNOYING.  I felt the medicine was helping so I could deal with the side effects.  Fast forward a few months, the side effects were not going away.  Particularly, the constipation was only getting worse.  I could not go unless I took 3-4 laxatives, and that might work.  I would only do that on the weekends because who can handle that with work?!  After talking with my doctor we decided I needed to get off of the Cymbalta because it was not healthy to not be able to go, obviously.  I started to taper off.

I went back to my neurologist for my routine visit and spoke with him about still having chronic pain and terrible sleep, and always being tired.  He suggested we try Effexor because he would prescribe that to his patients suffering from MS and it helped give them energy.  I decided to give it a try, but first had to okay it with my psychiatrist.  After getting the okay, I was good to go.

I have been off the Cymbalta and on the Effexor for a week now and I feel great!  I have actually taken my dog on 15 minute walks every day during lunch because I want to and have the energy to.  You just do not understand how this feels for me.  I walk him every day at lunch, but it was always just to let him tinkle and that was it, back inside.  My pain is still there but to have this energy is so amazing.

To add to this I have been writing this blog for a week now and I has me so happy. Every day I have been brainstorming what I can write about and how to make my page better.  I have an Etsy page and Facebook page for my artwork and jewelry and have been trying to figure out a good name.  I changed it multiple times but was never happy.  This blog helped me think of Blossoming Through Life, and that helped me come up with Blossoming Creativity for my arts.  I love it!!! I don’t believe I would have come up with the name if it weren’t for this blog.  Blossom has a deep meaning to me, so if you know me, the name fits perfect! I am just so happy right now.  I am also in the process of rearranging my apartment to help me with my creativity.  I’ve been in this apartment for two years and its just always felt blah.  I finally have inspiration and motivation to make my apartment more efficient for me.  I owe that all to the blog, and to the readers!  I’ve had few readers and followers but just those were more than I expected and bring me so much joy. So thank you readers and followers!!

I think I will be doing a post about re-doing my apartment and with post some pictures as well!  Super excited to see how it comes out.

Thank you to everyone who reads this!  It means a lot!!! Please follow, it makes me so happy!

-Kell Andre’

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Hi, I'm Kellie, but I like my middle name too Andre', so call me Kell Andre'. My alter-ego is Blossom, hopefully I'll be traveling a lot in the near future, and leaving the pain behind me!

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