Health Update: I Have Bursitis of the Hips!

Hello friends,

Wednesday I went back to my pain management doctor for a follow up.  I originally decided to go see a pain management doctor about a month ago to help with my chronic widespread pain.  Physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medicines just didn’t help at all.  So the next step I thought was best for me was to see a pain management doctor.  And I am glad I did.   I was very hesitant to use any heavy duty type of pain meds because I didn’t want the risk of addiction.  The doctor gave me Trezix and a compound cream.  The cream was a pain in the butt and pain a mess, I didn’t use it much.  He asked how the medicine worked that he prescribed me and I told him I was able to lay on my side for about an hour before having to turn over which was an improvement from the 15-20 before!  He ask me to stand up to see where on my hips it had been hurting.  I have had this pain on the side of my hips for at least the last 10 years, having no clue what it was.  He then felt around the area I had should him and asked if I had heard of bursitis.  I had but didn’t really know what it was.  So he explain that it is inflammation of the bursae sacks that protect your soft tissues from damage of rubbing against bone. You have these sacks at all over your joints to protect with the movement of the joint. hipbursitis He then told me he was pretty sure that was what was causing my pain and suggested we do steroid injections into the inflamed bursae to hopefully get the swelling and inflammation down.  We were able to do it that day.  The procedure was more uncomfortable than painful.  The syringe was fairly big and the needle was long.  The needle didn’t hurt too bad going in, it was when it entered the bursae sack.  It was just a load of pressure.  The doctor also put some anesthetic in with the steroid which helps with the pain.  It was a very quick procedure and I went on with my day.  Later that night it did get a little sore, but considering the injection went through tendons and muscle, makes sense it would be sore.  It is now two days later and I really think it is helping.  I also believe it is helping with my knee pain.  The doctor said it was possible my knee pain was from the bursitis radiating down my legs. TROCHANTERIC-BURSA-INJ

I have been to many doctors before the management doctor, primary care, physical therapist, chiropractor, rheumatologist  and none of these doctors said anything about bursitis.  Bursitis is common and I just don’t understand how its taken this long to be diagnosed.

Right now I am very hopeful that this will help me! Hopefully it will get rid of the bursitis for good!  My hip pains were one of the most painful things I’ve had to deal with.  Next up I hope to find a treatment  for my lower back!

Thanks for reading my story, hopefully it’ll help someone else!

-Kell Andre’

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Hi, I'm Kellie, but I like my middle name too Andre', so call me Kell Andre'. My alter-ego is Blossom, hopefully I'll be traveling a lot in the near future, and leaving the pain behind me!

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